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We are not mere suppliers of table olives for our private brand customers. We also provide advice and assistance throughout the production process, i.e. from container and packaging management to technical specifications, as well as development of new products within the regulatory framework of the destination countries. Obviously, our goal is to achieve mutual benefit at all times, whilst building loyalty and consolidating long-term commercial relationships.

Indeed, our comprehensive team at Grupo Cobelén stands out from the rest for its excellent training and extensive experience in the sector. This ensures the achievement of the objectives. We are experts in providing guidance on production processes, activities and decision making, assisting our private label customers to meet successfully their expectations and needs.

One of the main reasons for the good performance of our private label customers is the wide variety of formats available. Besides producing and marketing green and black table olives, we also engage in product processing. On the one hand, we offer different styles of olives, including whole, pitted, sliced and stuffed with a variety of fillings. On the other, our products are packaged in different formats of tins, glass jars and bags.

Whilst all our activities seek, first and foremost, to comply with the food security legislation in force, we also care about the environment. These have always been our top two priorities.

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