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Given its exceptional geographical location, Grupo Cobelén has specialised in the marketing of olives for over 50 years. The facilities are located in the heart of the Aljarafe; cradle of the Manzanilla Fina, the table olive par excellence.

The Group dates from 1961, the year the Virgen de Belén Cooperative was founded.

Today, after decades of hard work and effort, the Group boasts 800 member growers, 700,000 olive trees scattered across the Sevillian Aljarafe, and an average olive production of 11,000,000 kg of Manzanilla Fina and Gordal varieties.

These numbers make us the top individual producer in the domestic market, with facilities spanning 70,000 m2, of which 20,000 m2 are buildings.

Quality has always been Cobelén’s hallmark. Our members, who also share this view, nurture the olives throughout the production process – from the grove to the table.

The abundance and excellent quality of the raw material has led to improvements in product processing, from seasoning and grading of olives to bulk stoning and stuffing with red pepper. This has, in turn, boosted sales abroad.

Empresas de Aceitunas en Sevilla


Established in 1996 in an effort to add further value to our products and enter new markets, Aceitunas de Mesa S.L. engages in stuffing and packaging of olives in a variety of formats (tins, glass jars and bags).

An oxidation plant was built in 2001 to expand the already broad range of Cobelén products with black olives.

Aceitunas de Mesa sold 4,000,000 kg of packaged products in the domestic and international markets, primarily under the customer’s private label. However, Grupo Cobelén also has its own brands, including PRECIOSA and MEDIODÍA.

Currently, the Group has an annual turnover of 18 million euros, and has created 60 permanent jobs. These figures illustrate the Group’s commitment to consumers and society.