Grupo Cobelén is guided by total and absolute respect for the environment. This is best illustrated by the fact that we seek to reduce the environmental impact of the production process of our primary activity.

It should not be forgotten that we are located in a unique setting for growing table olives; a region with a deeply-rooted olive tradition. The Sevillian Aljarafe, where we are located, affords unique properties to our products. Which is precisely why we must preserve it as our greatest treasure and our most enduring legacy.


At the source: Close to the Olive Tree

Cobelén’s greatest source of pride are our member growers who tend the trees.

Owing to the key role they play, we seize every opportunity to engage with them. Our technical field staff are always on hand to help and guide. This ensures that the work carried out, and the products and dosages applied are the most appropriate and environmentally-friendly.

These products are supplied by Cobelén to ensure overall quality and suitability. We strive to raise growers’ awareness about the importance of collecting and recycling empty containers.


At the factory

Grupo Cobelén has in place a selective discharge sorting system that allows us to provide the most effective, product-based treatment.

We also have an on-site waste treatment plant and evaporation ponds (156,000 m2 total area).