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Our long professional track record in the table olive sector guarantees the quality of Grupo Cobelén’s proprietary brands. Since 1961, Cobelén has been a quality benchmark for all stakeholders in this primary economic sector.

The company is built around two core pillars. On one hand, complete control of the product from the source and, on the other, uniformity. As regards the last point, Cobelén only markets olives produced by its member growers, whose trees are located in Seville’s Aljarafe area; cradle of the world’s most renowned olives.

Our brands, PRECIOSA y MEDIODÍA, are the best example of the above. Tradition, culture, crafts, modernity and, above all, flavour come together in our olives.

Only the largest and highest quality olives are sold under the PRECIOSA label, complemented with a variety of delicious natural fillings.

A true treat for the taste buds that you cannot miss.