Manzanilla Fina is one of the varieties best suited for table olives. Owing to its unique flavour and proven quality, it is exported globally. The so-called “Sevillian-style” table olives are the most popular worldwide. However, this should come as no surprise as Seville is the main production area.

The IOC (International Olive Council) defines Manzanilla Fina as an excellent variety for table olives owing to its exceptional qualities.

It has a good size and appropriate shape. Furthermore, the flesh-to-pit ratio is excellent. The flesh is delicate, flavourful and firm, and its thin skin is delicious and easy to eat.


The flesh separates readily from the small, smooth pit, making it easier to eat.

Manual harvesting is recommended to avoid bruises and other damages to the fruit, just as we do at Grupo Cobelén.

Though new forms of machine harvest are currently being tested, we will continue to rely on the professional hands of our growers to harvest each Manzanilla Fina olive manually until its effectiveness is unequivocally proven. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us.

Owing to the strong global demand for this Sevillian variety, Cobelén exports its packaged products in different formats -whole, pitted, sliced and stuffed- to different countries worldwide.