1. Harvesting

Cobelén harvests the olives in the traditional manner, i.e. the fruit is handpicked to avoid bruising. Indeed, our two varieties -Manzanilla Fina and Gordal- are particularly sensitive; consequently, the capacity of the harvest baskets is less than 500 kilos to avoid bruising or damages.

Our growers nurture the olives from the tree to the factory.

2. Reducing bitterness

The olives are transferred to the factory and treated to reduce the bitterness. They are then rinsed before brining.

3. Fermentation

Our green olives are then placed in containers and covered with brine, where they undergo natural lactic fermentation during about four months

4. Sorting

Once the olives have the right colour and flavour, they are classified by size and quality. Any olive that does not meet the quality requirements for table olives is rejected.

5. Preparing the olives

Our olives can be prepared in different ways, including whole, pitted, sliced or stuffed with various fillings.

6. Packaging and pasteurisation

Our products can be packaged in a wide variety of formats (tin, glass and bag). The packaged product undergoes a pasteurisation process that does not alter its nutritional or organoleptic properties, ensuring that it arrives in optimal condition to the consumer.

7. Packing and labelling

Product labelling and packing is the last step before shipment to the customer. Everything is ready for you to enjoy!