1. Harvesting

Black olives are usually harvested at the same time as green olives. As with the green olives, our growers take great care in transporting the fruit to avoid any damages.

2. Washing and sorting

The raw fruit is washed and sorted by size. Any olive that does not meet our stringent quality controls, or is otherwise deemed unfit for consumption, is eliminated.

3. Oxidation

Once sorted, the olives are kept in storage tanks. The fruit undergoes an oxidation process that continues until the olive has reached its optimal condition for consumption and darkens to its unique black colour.

4. Preparation

Once the fruit has acquired its colour and flavour, the product is prepared in one of the different styles available, i.e. whole, pitted or sliced.

5. Packaging

We also have different packaging formats (tin and glass) for our own label and private brands.

6. Sterilisation

Black olives must be sterilised to ensure that the product is delivered in optimal condition to the end consumer.

7. Packing and labelling

Finally, each package is labelled and boxed for delivery to homes around the world. Ready to eat and enjoy!